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About Vastu

Vastu Shashtra or the Indian traditional science of building an architecture is believed to be an integral part of astrology, Jyotish shashtra, our Poranic litrature is full of references and knowledge about construction of buildings from homes to forts, temples and yojnashalas. Maharshi Bhrigu to Shukracharya and Brihaspriti - 18 learned Rishis have been named as eminent Vastu scholars.

Vastu vigyan is holistic science, which is in full conformity with the entire cosmos and the flow of energy from all sources. it goes into the details from determining the time for the commencement of worship of land (Bhumi Puja) and all stages of construction till the entry in to the new building.

Indian tradition has always been following the Vastu concepts. The plans of all the old houses in the country have been according to Vastu shashtra. it is however heartening that a scientific study is now being made on Vastu shashtra and people are coming to a conclusion that this is more scientific and with the life and rhythm of human being and nature.

It is necessary that Vastu, which can be dated to many centuries back is understood properly and adapted to modern conditions of construction and living.

Vastu Shashtra can be used not only for individual houses but also for group housing schemes and term planning. Our ancestors have provided us with wonderful knowledge of planning and construction and we need to discipline our senses to make use of this knowledge for the betterment of mankind at large.

Vastu can provide us all the vital information required to make our lives healthy and peaceful. The fundamental Vastu plans includes the modern spaciousness, the verandah, open to sky lawns and various rooms etc.

Industries, offices, shops, business complexes can be benefited by the application of the fundamental Vastu rules.

Our ancestors, who were men of great scientific and spiritual wisdom, have handed over treasures down the period . As intelligent people, we just need to make use of these gems and pearl that have come down to us on a platter and use it with grace and dignity for betterment of mankind at large. Let the science of Vastu re-defined our life and give us health, happiness and prosperity.



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